Root lost after installing Tranquility 3.0!?

Discussion in 'Motorola Droid X' started by mad3963, Nov 8, 2010.

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    I seem to have lost root after installing Tranquility 3.0. I had received a replacement Droid X and rooted using the 1-click root method. It actually worked, for the first time ever. I approved root permissions for all necessary apps. I was able to reboot into Clockwork Recovery using ROM Manager, Droid X Bootstrapper, Hot Reboot and Droid X/2 Overclocker. I then installed Tranquility 3.0. Now the only app that even shows as having Superuser permissions is Droid X/2 Overclocker. NO other apps even request Superuser permissions now, and...worst of all, I can no longer boot into Clockwork Recovery to restore my Nandroid backup of my Stock 2.2 rooted setup. I even re-ran the 1-click root method again this morning, with Tranquility 3.0 installed. Received message stating root was successful. Same results. Root apps either do not request Superuser permissions, or tell me my phone is not rooted.

    Any suggestions at this point? Other than .sbf'ing? Would a factory reset help?