[ROM] Maverick Rom for Droid 3 updated to 4.0

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    The Droid 3 is another aging device that is still seeing lots of Rom updates! It is hard to call a device that has been out for a little over a year aging, but we all know that for the most part Developer accomplish everything that they want to on one device and then move on to the next big device. Of course there are exceptions to the rule, and most good devs don't leave their legacy phone fans in the dust. Developer "buckmarble" is one of these devs. He has put together an update to his Maverick Rom series that you will enjoy!


    This Rom is built with the 5.7.906 and is one of the most heavily themed Roms available for the Droid 3 today! The Maverick Rom series features a stock look and feel that has been stripped down for pure performance! Of course it includes features like power widgets in the pulldown bar, 1% battery increments, AOSP MMS instead of Blur, build.prop tweaks and mods for fluidity and speed, permanent root, and a toolbox for switching apps. The latest update to 4.o includes a new battery bar, updates to the stock dark theme pull down, new boosted @ss governer kernel module, added DSP manager, data toggle back in pull down widgets, and new AOSP messaging as default messaging app.

    Grab the updated Maverick Rom here

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