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Oct 6, 2016
    1. DMillerZX
      The wifi issue you are experiencing are likely the problems I'm seeing with 4.2.1 I often have data stalls while sleeping / deep sleeping. I'm using wifi fixer to remedy the problem.
    2. buckmarble
      Sorry for the late reply. I usually use a chevy kernal. All of them are good. However, if you want the interactive governor, you'll have to get the second round of chevy kernals from september. 9/23 i believe is the date he released them...... Right now i have found a slayher kernal that im even happier with. I know i said my phone doesn't like slayher kernals, but the 1.0ghzLV slayher kernal i have gotten fantastic results with. I unplugged at 6am and plugged back in at midnight(18 hrs) with 40% left with moderate usage. This is about 6-7 hours more than i usually get.
    3. gunit34328
      "I had a similar problem with a different rom. It turned out to be the kernal I was running. I had to change to a higher voltage kernal. What was happening was the apps were crashing because the cpu wasn't getting enough power. Might be worth a try. My phone really doesn't like slayher kernals either."

      hey buck, what kernel did you end up with that worked well for you?
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