[ROM] [CDMA][AOSP] IML74K Android 4.0.3 Build 2-2: Pulldown Widgets+More MODS (1/7/12

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    Galaxy Nexus users! From one of my favorite DroidX developers ever comes a super clean AOSP source built Rom that is light and built for performance. Announcing the IML74K Android 4.0.3 Build by dev "Fabulous" some know him as BIGXIE. I was a huge fan of the APEX Rom series on my DroidX and am loving the development being pumped out by this guy on the Galaxy Nexus!

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    As you can tell this Rom is basically a modified stock build. Nothing super fancy here. Just clean unadulterated Ice Cream Sandwich the way Google intended with a few helpful mods and tweaks! Of course this Rom is based on Android version 4.0.3. It maintains the stock look and feel. Root and busybox are preinstalled. All apks are deodexed/zipaligned/and optomized.

    Some custom goodies include; customizeable notification pulldown widgets, built in performance settings (overclock to 1350gHz), working facebook sync, file manager, advanced power menu w reboot options and screenshot, plus more!

    Grab this Rom here and Discuss!

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