[ROM] Eclipse NC4 Builds For The Galaxy Note 3

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    There is still no custom recovery for the Note 4, but if you are still rocking the Galaxy Note 3 you can use SafeStrap to run some custom roms! Nitroglycerine has taken a break from development, but is back at it with some new builds of his Eclipse Rom for the Note 3! The Eclipse rom is known for bringing AOSP style themeing and a cleaned down slimmer build of Android to select devices. These roms are built over the stock rom for full functionality and stability! Included in this rom are an updated NC4 base, updated Google Play apps, fixed youtube and play videos, back end fixes and for future tweaks, AOSP Browser, AOSP Calendar, AOSP Camera, AOSP Calculator, AOSP Email, AOSP Phone and Contacts, AOSP MMS, all bloat removed, google now launcher, google wallet added, cm file manager, and more. Themeing is not yet complete and there are still lots of Touchwiz elements included in the themeing of this rom. Head to the link below for the download.

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