[ROM][AOSP] Eclipse Jellybean (Toro) - Build 15 (9/10/12) - Welcome to the Dark!

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    Eclipse Jellybean - Welcome to the Dark!


    Battery Options *Found under Settings-> System -> Status bar -> Battery status style

    When flashing nightlies just flash the new rom followed by the g-apps and it will update itself after the boot. More and more features will come over time. So if there is a feature that you miss chances are it will be coming soon.

    Download Rom Build 15: http://eclipserom.com/mods/click.php?id=174
    Mirror: Dev-Host - Eclipse-2.0-Toro-Build15.zip - The Ultimate Free File Hosting / File Sharing Service
    md5: b76ca9da81c54369ab9b23264870b942

    Download G-Apps 09-10-2012: http://eclipserom.com/mods/click.php?id=173
    Mirror: Dev-Host - gapps-4.1.1-Eclipse0910.zip - The Ultimate Free File Hosting / File Sharing Service
    md5: 9db97e658672366913ed35738d922076

    How to Install:
    1. Wipe Data / Factory Reset
    2. Flash Rom
    3. Flash Google Apps
    4. Enjoy

    Already Running an Eclipse Nightly/Progress Build?
    1. Flash Rom
    2. Flash Google Apps
    3. Enjoy your updated build

    [B][U]9/10/12 Build 15[/U][/B]
    Added lockscreen weather and calendar - CM
    Added ability to change lockscreen clock position
    Added ability to always show battery % on lockscreen
    Added custom carrier label
    Added IME toggler
    Added LED color changer/pulse speed (Gnex only)
    Revamped settings menus
    Updated Terminal
    Added 720p video recording for Nexus 7
    Added Quick Reply to MMS app (Gnex) - CM
    Fixed white number picker in MMS
    Added ability to toggle Smiley/Enter key in MMS - CM
    Added global search capability back to the MMS app
    Made unread conversations an easier to color to distinguish between old/new
    Merged in fixes from AOSP code
    made battery percentage number smaller for percentage battery option (looks cleaner)
    Added lockscreen target images for Google Wallet
    Added Open URL menu item - CM
    [b][u]8/31/12 Build 14[/u][/b]
    Resolved issues with Google Apps
    Added back digital battery
    Slight update to the theme
    Fixed Google Chrome - forgot a lib!
    [b][u]8/29/12 Build 13[/u][/b]
    Updated to latest JRO03O VZW binaries
    Add profiles options -CM
    Added custom backlights -CM
    Updated some nav bar code
    Default launcher is now Nova Launcher
    Cleaned up system ui
    Removed digital and honeycomb circle battery
    Default browser is now chrome
    Removed google + from Gapps
    Updated DSP Manager
    Fixed deep sleep issues
    Updated Google Apps - thanks Travp624 for the help!
    Clean up navbar code for phablet mode
    Updated calendar to work with tablets/Nexus 7
    Updated People app to work with tablets/ Nexus 7
    Inverted tablet UI
    Trinity kernel added for Nexus 7
    [u][b]8/17/12 Build 12[/b][/u]
    Updated Google Apps
    Inverted Google Now (used parts of Justin Beans Google Now as a template)
    Added new section under Interface labled General UI
    Added Volume panel settings when using volume rocker (set notification and volume independently) *Found in General UI
    Fixed flashlight toggle
    Allow theming of the lockscreen (Xoomdev)
    Merged some bugfixes from CM code
    [b][u]8/15/12 Build 11[/u][/b]
    Fixed back button issues when status bar is pulled down
    Allow the Navigation bar to be themed with the theme engine
    Recreate systemui (statusbar and nav bar) when applying a theme so the theme fully applies without a reboot
    Removed the background on the power widgets/toggles
    Removed the Apex Launcher settings in Eclipse settings (they can be accessed by double tapping the homescreen or with the menu key)
    Added the ability to customize the nav bar glow animation speed -AOKP
    [b][u]8/14/12 Build 10[/u][/b]
    Added Theme engine support! - CM10
    recreated boot.img to support dual frameworks for theme engine
    Fixed cpu frequency slots not being set at boot resulting in high cpu usage and battery drain
    Cleaned up Eclipse Settings menus
    Updated Google Apps in 8/14/12 gapps build
    [b][u]8/10/12 Build 09[/u][/b]
    Base updated to JRO03L
    Added AVRCP 1.3 support
    Added Verizon eri so no more werid CDMA T64 instead of Verizon wireless
    Added Honeycomb lockscreen
    Added Rotary lockscreen
    Added Tab slider lockscreen
    Added 5 customizable hotseats for jellybean lockscreen -CM
    Added long press volume rocker to skip tracks option -CM
    Added volume rocker to wake phone option -CM
    Added About Eclipse rom section
    Added Quiet Hours -CM
    Relocated long press back to kill to Input Settings
    Revamped power profile and config to match our phone
    Increased max volume speaker output
    Base updated to JRO03H
    Added google sync back to the calendar
    Added the ability to customize the navigation bar softkeys -AOKP
    Added ability to change the softkey color
    Added latest Verizon proprietary JRO03H
    Fixed some theming issues with white/white and black/black
    Fixed GTalk not showing up for some users
    Fixes some theming issues in the framework
    Improved scrolling cache - CM
    Now comes prepackaged with morfics Trinity kernel: [url="http://rootzwiki.com/topic/16058-der-kernel-gpl-trinity-np-41-4034-kwisatz-haderach/"]http://rootzwiki.com...isatz-haderach/[/url]
    *Trinity kernel will change the color slightly (can be modified through an app with color control or you may try out a different kernel)
    *Eclipse built in color/gamma only controls kernels that use CM's gamma/color settings
    Inverted/blacked out MMS, Calendar
    Fixed LTE toggle - CM
    Added 3 more battery options (digital, fatty and circle mod)
    Full ICS theme throughout the rom (all gingerbread resources)
    Eclipse blacked out framework
    Added Kernel Control settings (CPU, Voltage, Gamma)
    Replaced launcher2 with Apex
    Added Apex Settings to Settings app
    Added weather control settings inside of Eclipse System Settings for Sense Clock
    Inverted Contacts app (MMS will be next)
    Removed bugmailer and related components
    Included Imoseyon's lean kernel - [url="http://rootzwiki.com/topic/13092-leankernel-minimalistic-kernel-ics-3100-jb-420-72312/"]http://rootzwiki.com...0-jb-420-72312/[/url]
    Added jellybean wallpapers to Eclipse Wallpapers
    Added new battery options (MIUI Bar, battery text, skinny bar, circle battery)
    Added center clock option
    Themed the notification drawer a little (blue clock and carrier)
    Changed navigation bar highlight to blue
    Added Google Voice to Google Apps package
    Inverted Gmail, Talk and YouTube (Travp624)
    Added Power Widgets/Toggles - CM
    T9 Dialer - CM
    Statusbar mods (accurate battery/stock, signal bars, clock, am/pm)
    *LTE toggle and flashlight need fixed, they do not function yet.
    Added Reboot options (reboot, recovery, bootloader) - CM
    Added Screenshot in power options
    Blacked out dialer
    Removed gradient in menu items such as in settings (solid black now)
    Full AOSP ICS 4.1.1
    Eclipse vendor and common setup
    Superuser and su binary built
    Mobile Hotspot Hack
    USB Tethering enabled
    DSP Manager
    Terminal Emulator
    File Manager compiled with JB SDK
    init.d support
    sysctl tweaks
    Changed DNS servers to Google
    insecure boot.img
    Sense 4 Clock Widget
    Nano editor
    Appwidget picker with JB SDK
    Eclipse Wallpapers

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    Nice progress! Does it have to ability to display wifi/4G as a numeral yet?
  3. aobmassivelc

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    my status bars stay gray all the time. I get data, but the bars never appear teal. any way to fix this? it drives me crazy :)
  4. mattym320

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    Sioux Falls
    Anyone else having some serious battery issues here. I really love this ROM... but damn... it eats the hell out of my batt life.
  5. Capone76

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    I'm really liking the ROM so far. Been running this for 2days now and the battery life is as good as it gets as much as I use my phone. I give props to the dev on this. Keep the updates coming. Would like a signal mod if possible.

  6. arnshrty

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    Is there a link, server, or forum that has the night lies for this ROM?
  7. Capone76

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    Don't think he is doing nightlies. Heard his updates coming soon.

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    I remember about a week ago I read over on G+ that they'd developed a pop-up SMS feature for CM10. I almost dropped Nitro a line here and asked if he'd planned on incorporating something like that. Then I hauled off and slapped myself as hard as possible for having a thought that was so devoid of faith. Lo & behold - today my faith has delivered real, tangible goods. Thanks Nitro!
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