[ROM] Eclipse 2.1 Galaxy Nexus Maguro - Build 4 - Welcome to the Dark!! (11/6/12)

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    Eclipse Jellybean - Welcome to the Dark!


    Battery Options *Found under Settings-> System -> Status bar -> Battery status style

    SGS3/D2VZW User Notes:
    Alarm clock sound not functioning (workaround: In sound settings, slide the alarm volume to mute, release finger off slider, then slide the volume back up)

    Eclipse Rom Features: (general overview)
    AOSP based with some added components of my own as well as some items from CM & AOKP
    Dark UI
    Custom battery options
    Theme engine
    Custom navigation bar hotseats
    Change navigation bar button speed, color and glow
    Custom lock screen hotseats
    Extended power menu
    Notification pull down toggles/widgets
    Clock options
    Change carrier label
    Lock screen weather and calendar
    Change lockscreen clock layout
    CPU/Voltage controls
    Customize power menu
    Notiifcation light customizer
    Volume rockers wake, change tracks
    Quiet Hours and Profiles
    T9 Dialer
    Quick Reply MMS
    Much much more!!

    For a changelog please visit here: [CHANGELOG] Eclipse AOSP 2.1 General Changelog

    Download Rom: http://eclipserom.com/mods/click.php?id=242
    Mirror: Dev-Host - Eclipse-2.1-maguro-build4.zip - The Ultimate Free File Hosting / File Sharing Service
    md5: 714ffa2dd0f1a31132a7deb944f56b9a

    Download G-Apps 11-05-2012: http://eclipserom.com/mods/click.php?id=235
    Mirror: Dev-Host - gapps-jb-110512-phone.zip - The Ultimate Free File Hosting / File Sharing Service
    md5: f05a373a7850fb1f4d45fb1510c2bb73

    How to Install:
    1. Wipe Data / Factory Reset
    2. Flash Rom
    3. Flash Google Apps
    4. Enjoy

    Already Running an Eclipse Nightly/Progress Build?
    1. Flash Rom
    2. Flash Google Apps
    3. Enjoy your updated build

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    Great work Nitro; your Rom has a good balance between core JB features and additional mods to fit my needs. Also the Trinity kernel is a fit; thanks for bringing it back as the stock driver. I've tried a lot of other roms and I always seem to come back to yours. I loved the work you did on the Bionic (loved the phone, but hated the poor support by VZW and the locked bootloader among other things). Keep up the good work; will be sending you a nice donation later in the week.
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