RideTheCity Will Help You Ride Your City

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    I’ve been using Ridethecity.com for a few years now. I commute by bike on a daily basis, even in the winter, so being able to plan my trip depending on how safe or fast I want to get to my destination is a great upgrade from Google Maps. For those that don’t know of RideTheCity, it is a website and now application that allows you to plan your bike route based on whether you want to take safer routes or just get there as fast as you can. Ride The City is a must-have for any avid cyclist.

    The best feature this app brings to bike routes is simplicity. It works similar to Google Map as all you have to do is enter your starting point and your destination and it gives you the route you choose, be it Direct, Safe, or Safer. Direct gives you the fastest route to your destination, taking nothing into account when giving it to you, especially safety.

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