Ribbon broken, dead screen, USB Debugging off. X.X Recovery help.

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    Alright folks, I've got a Droid 4 that decided to commit harakiri using a hotel door card and split it's ribbon cable from the screen. I've currently got debug mode off(turned it off a week ago for some reason X.X), screen pattern unlock and it's got some su access(but has the stock rom for reverse tethering/screen sharing, but that was only functional with debugging access. There are no lights on the screen, no vibe when it powers up, but I know it's powering up due to the fact the "Motocast drive" askes that I install motocast.
    -Motocast does nothing, and neither do other suggested apps for access to the internal memory as most ask for debugging to be on.
    -Lapdock 100 fast blinks at me in an annoyed fashion, knowing what I've done to it's friend.
    -HDMI mini cable does nothing.

    I'd like to recover the data off the phone in some fashion before I have to send it back. I've got a "new" phone for reference, but I can't get past the screen lock or debug issue.

    If anyone has any insight, that would be awesome.

    EDIT: This isn't a LMGTFY since I've looked over the forums and internet as best as I can, but nothing is matching the keywords.
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