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Discussion in 'Apex' started by siriusgamer, Aug 12, 2011.

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    Alright, I have a droid 2 running apex 1.4.1
    Backstory is today at the gym, my droid ran out of battery.
    When I got home I plugged it in the wall charger and I left it to charge.
    When I came back, I saw it was at 70% so I turned it on
    I looked at it a few mins later and I saw the "system not responding" message
    So I just chose force close and I rebooted.
    After doing that 2-3 more times, I did a battery pull and I was able to boot into android
    Later that day, I tried to reboot it again to see if I had this issue
    I had to do another battery pull to get back into android
    So I remembered that I had recently installed droid 2 bootstrap but I haven't pressed "bootstrap recovery"
    So I did that and chose reboot recovery

    My phone wouldnt boot back into android
    It loads past the eye but then it says " process system not responding"
    I can choose force close or wait.
    If I choose force close and then hold power and reset I get brought back to clockwork

    If I reset from clockwork I get the error again
    If I battery pull I get clockwork

    What can I do to fix this?

    EDIT: after numerous reboot cycles, I used fix permissions in clockwork.
    This time when I rebooted I was in stock recovery. I rebooted from there and lo behold I was back in android. Now I am afraid of turning my device off. Any help is appreciated.

    2nd EDIT: I didn't have clockwork because when I first installed apex, recovery somehow got removed so I thought "why have it if I didn't need it" so I just kept it off.
    Recently with the progress of gingerbread roms coming along, I thought I would just have it installed just in case I wanted to flash to gb.
    I've read that the system not resonding error is caused by timing and something with the apex loader, and I was wondering if the boot hijacking that d2 bootstrap does causes my problem?

    3rd EDIT: I finally mustered up the balls to turn off my phone again, this time I replicated what I did to boot back into android the first time, I went into clockworkmod, into advanced, and i used fix permissions, then i chose reboot recovery, which brings me to stock recovery. When i reboot from stock recovery, I am back in android. So what's causing my problem? (Something ive noticed is that during boot, if the boot is going to be successful there is a vibrate while the droid eye is spinning, but during the second phase where its not as bright. all the times that my phone has failed to boot into android, there was no vibrate at that point.)

    4th and probably final edit: I restored from a nandroid backup I made of stock from before I flashed apex. The good is that I can turn my device on and off without going through all of that ****. The bad is I gotta deal with stock blur until I decide to flash another rom.