Razr Maxx with Hotspot Issues? Is there a solution?

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    Hey Y'all,

    I have searched the history...and am not finding an existing thread...so...

    Somehow I've become the tech guru with my circle of friends and family. I'm really not...just that I know where I can find a solution...by educating myself in this forum group.

    I have a friend who recently bought the Razr Maxx a cpl of months back. From what I understand...she bought the unit second hand. Her intention is to do more traveling and is needing to be mobile with tethering her phone to her laptop. Long story short...she says a lot of times when she is tethered...the phone will freeze up and will lock her out of internet. Right now her solution is to shut everything down...and restart, which gets her back online. The problem is...when this happens, she is usually right in the middle of doing something important. :(

    She has told me that she has brought the phone into a VZW store more than once and has had someone take a look at it. (They see no issue). She has also done a FDR twice....and it has not solved the problem. I don't know at the moment if this has always been an issue or if it just started happening. After digging on the internet...googling...it appears that there might be a software issue?

    She has also told me that her phone has been very DELAYED in opening apps...as well as functioning at all. SLOW AS MOLASSES. I am beginning to think that she might have a faulty cell phone.

    • If this is a system issue (ie OS) is there a patch or is Motorola working on resolving the issue.
    • Does anyone have a recommendation for buying a better cellphone that will perform better using the hotspot feature a lot?
    Thanks in advance!
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    Well, it could be the OS, and reflashing the phone with the current version could potentially resolve the problem. Still, I wonder if it isn't a software conflict. I know you said they did FDRs but most people will then reinstall at least some of the same apps they had before the restore and it could easily be one of them.

    I would suggest she first try running in Safe Mode for a couple days to see if the phone still locks up, stalls, etc. By running in Safe Mode the phone is restricted to only loading factory installed apps and widgets so it will be running completely stock.

    This isn't much different than the way the phone runs immediately after an FDR but assures that nothing which may have self-installed can be conflicting. When you do an FDR, you can have Google begin reinstalling apps automatically and this could be the entire cause.

    Restart the Device in Safe Mode DROID RAZR RAZR MAXX by MOTOROLA Verizon Wireless

    If the phone performs the same way in safe mode then it's either the OS, and the phone would benefit from a reflashing, or its hardware related and time to replace it.

    I had that same phone and loved it so I don't believe that if the phone were functioning normally she would feel the need to upgrade. As for what could replace it, the world is at your disposal as far as choices. There are some real blockbusters and there are, plenty of great phones that won't set you back a lot.

    Motorola phone are historically to performers in terms of their radio communications, however they are other brands that exceed Motorola in download speeds, and as time has gone on there is less and less of a division between Motorola radios and the competition so you really can't do wrong with just about anything out there.

    Just one quick question... Can I assume she is paying for the hotspot feature on her carrier's plan?
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    it could be her carrier blocking or throttling her if she's in a metropolitan area, or she has the settings off for tethering, i.e. unknown sources in security, or not clearing the cache for the tethering app, or an OS issue. She may want to check the compatibility for phones for Foxfi devices, FoxFi Devices to determine what may be the best phone for her.
    I have unlimited verizon data and Lollipop and Foxfi hasn't been working for over a year. My workaround for a hotspot is creating a hotspot via the computer while tethering by using the free, open source program, virtualwifirouter. com. You may need an wifi usb adapter but it's a solid and stable alternative for anyone like me with a droid Maxx with Lollipop while we wait for a FoxFi update.