[Question] Looking for help deciding: CoPilot vs. Sygic vs. any alternative

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    So I have an old Android phone that I have rooted and upgraded recently. I have no data plan at the moment and am in an area that reception would be spotty at best so for now no data. I work for a delivery company so I use maps everyday and am constantly looking up streets.

    I am looking for an app that not only provides me with offline maps ( I have found tons of really good apps for tis already) but more importantly provides me with a way to search for street names offline. This is the one thing that is providing to be the hard part.

    I have found only one free app called OsmAnd that has this feature and while it works, it is incomplete in the sense that is is missing nearly half the streets in the area. I realize that this information is sourced from the OpenStreetMaps database and while OpenStreetMaps might have the road in its database it is never properly imported for searching into the app. Not necessarily the apps fault. I have tried building my own database with the provided tools but it never includes those streets. Not really sure why.

    I have resorted to looking at pay apps but I am not looking for turn by turn directions or a TomTom like application. All I really need is an app that I can lookup a street and hit a show me button and a map pops up with the street i centered. I know the area very well but since I deliver to such an extremely large area (400+ sq miles) I just don't know every secondary road off the top of my head.

    Having said all that I think that a turn by turn app is what I must settle for so I have found two apps that may fit the bill. Sygic Aura (Sygic, car navigation for iPhone, Android, Maemo, Symbian, Windows Mobile and Linux mobile devices) and CoPilot (CoPilot Live v8: ALK Technologies). I have searched for posts here about those two and found some info but nothing conclusive.

    My question: Has anyone had any experience with either one of those and would recommend one of them to suit my requirements or can suggest an alternative (preferably free but will pay if it meets my needs)?

    I just need a simple offline map with offline street search. Nothing more nothing less.
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