Qualcomm to Release Snapdragon SDK for Android Developers

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    At this years annual Uplinq conference, Qualcomm announced that they plan to release their Snapdragon software development kit to Android developers later this year. The company's senior vice president of software strategy stated that "Qualcomm is always striving to enable developers and device makers to differentiate their offerings via the unique capabilities found in its industry-leading Snapdragon mobile processors. With the Snapdragon SDK for Android, developers and manufactures can now more easily utilize these features as they work to set their products apart in a crowded ecosystem". Qualcomm claims the SDK will provide developers with access to "next-generation technology and features" embedded in their Snapdragon chips. Check out the excerpt from Qualcomm's press release below.

    A preview release of the SDK is available now on their developer site here. The full SDK is expected within the next few months and will only support the S4 8960 wafer at first, but Qualcomm hopes to bring support for more chips in the future. Check out Qualcomm's full press release here.

    Source: Engadget
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