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    Hey all. I know, first post, welcome aboard, bonjour, etc. Yet another forum searching for answers.

    First things first. I switched from Storm I to DX. Ordered on 8/4/10, received on 8/17/10. So far, very, VERY pleased. It's a nice switch to get away from RIM and their OS. I'm extremely happy with the DX on almost all fronts. It's faster, more capable, and just a better phone.

    My only issue started today, or yesterday. I'm pretty sure it's from an app I installed (runkeeper). But, I don't know if my finding is valid or not.

    I read somewhere (on another forum) that if the app will "prevent phone from sleeping" that it can be the ultimate battery-kill. This morning, for instance, I ran RunKeeper from 6am to 7am. It did what it was supposed to do and by 9:30 am my battery was down to 15% (from a 100% overnight full charge up).

    So, now I've gone through every single aspect of the phone to try and find the killers. Most polling widgets are gone, I've gone to mostly manual pushes for linked apps, and short of knocking off the weather and mail, I think I've got it to the basics. Now...

    I'm looking in the applications manager, and noticing that there are a couple apps that have "prevent phone from sleeping" in the system tools list (written in orange)...what exatly does that mean?

    Does that mean that when the app is running, it prevents the phone from sleeping and when it's off, it doesn't? /cause, that makes sense.

    Secondly, how do you shut off an app if you don't run a task killer. I don't believe in running the task killer cause it just makes the OS run tat much harder to do what it was designed to do. So I don't run ATK.

    Third, when I run for a while (regardless of what) I feel the bottom of the phone get pretty hot. Like surprisingly hot. I'm an electrician by trade and know heat kills battery life. I am cool with it if that is normal. I think it's normal but I can't remember it getting that hot on a normal basis. It's not like melting or anything...just noticably hot.

    Again, I truly love the phone and have no complaints. Just a little worried that there is a battery issue. Mind you I have read the other posts on DX battery life...this not so much covered.



    ****posted onder the battery sticky*** my bad. MOD - delete if necessary.
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