Possible Droid 2?

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    Motorola MB810 Passes Wi-Fi Alliance,Possible Droid 2 or Nexus 2?

    [​IMG]30. Apr, 2010 written by Kevin Krause / phandroid.com[​IMG]0 Comments
    A new Motorola smartphone, the MB810, just received its certification from the Wi-Fi Alliance for wireless standard 802.11 b/g/n. And with the announcement, speculation has run rampant that this very well could be the Motorola Shadow, a device that made its rounds in the news earlier this year as a proclaimed Droid 2 or even Nexus Two. And speculation as it may be, all signs are pointing to this being the case.
    Just a little bit of what you might expect from the Shadow:

    • Android 2.2
    • 4.3-in capacitive touchscreen
    • 8MP camera
    • QWERTY slide-out keyboard
    The Shadow will most likely be a GSM device, which makes sense considering Motorola hasn’t had a recent success like the Droid outside of Verizon, and spreading the love around a bit would sure help out in their accounting department. Most reports see this one dropping sometime during Q2 of this year on AT&T, so if this is the case expect to hear a lot more very soon.

    Motorola MB810 Passes Wi-Fi Alliance,Possible Droid 2 or Nexus 2? | Androidheadlines.com
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    The pic is the Droid 2 but it won't look like that. They have changed the hardware

    The shadow which will be a phenomenal device. If you like the Incredible spec wise the Shadow will beat it hands down..join the ongoing discussion here for some good info on the Droid 2


    As a side note the Shadow and Droid 2 (obviously) will be released on VZW
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