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    I've got a ported version of a popular apple iphone game called "Minigore"....while it worked for previous droid devices it force closes after the initial boot logo for the game and won't run past that point :( on my bionic....

    I also have Scummvm (an emulator for classic PC games) and want to play day of the tentacle or sam & max but can't find any rom (to include the free ones Scummvm offers) that will run, it just keeps saying installation failed but no reason why...

    Does anyone out there have any classic games like mentioned above, minigore, or is anyone running the nintendo DS emulator or N64 emulator on the Droid Bionic that can steer me in the right direction?

    I really liked playing N64 Mario on my DX but I hear even the N64oid app available outside the market isn't working on the Droid Bionic.
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