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Discussion in 'Android Support' started by yassine, Aug 6, 2012.

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    I am fairly new to the rooting thing, and I was trying out some customization methods I had read about online, unfortunately I couldn't locate any means to make a backup of my ROM or OS etc and I installed a custom theme from metamorph. It froze up when I did that, after rebooting it freezes up at the Samsung Transform Ultra screen. It's not entirely bricked as I can charge the battery with it off and also turn it on pressing Vol. Down and Power Button, I tried factory wipe/reset and rebooted but that did not fix the problem. I am trying to find the tools to undo what I did but I don't see much of anything out there for this phone.

    wondering if anyone here might have some suggestions on what I can try to do, or if they might have a stock ROM for the phone and tell me how I could go about flashing it to the phone. Appreciate any feedback.