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Sep 20, 2014
    1. jimmyco2008
    2. deana
      is there an app for snapfish for the droid2
    3. Wnellius
      Hi, I'm so new to all of this I can't even navigate this web site intelligently. I just got my Droid Incredible and I'm incredibly awkward with it (all of about 48 hours). I am trying to figure out how I can get it to announce (voice) incoming calls. Help. Is there an app availbaloe for the Incredible?
    4. debdado
      Checking out your post and wanted to say, I have a droid x, a mac and am a PSU fan, too!
    5. Dj Carpenter
      Dj Carpenter
      Just wanted to let you know that I just unrooted my phone using that stock ROM and just confirming that it does work. Thought I'd let you know that to ensure whether or not it gives stock recovery.
    6. tduke68
      Cannot access original Droid ringtones. When I try all that will come up are my songs and ringtones I downloaded. What can I do to get the ringtones back so I can use them? Also, why are my custom ringtones in with my songss? Thanks for your help!
    7. mwhartman
      When I initially modified I omitted the date but I added it. How does it look now?
    8. jsuh
      Sorry to bug you again but you know, now that I think of it, putting a date may cause me to come again to you if I make another update so no rush but if you get around to it, just [GUIDE] Root your Incredible (AMOLED & SLCD Support!) would be fine. Sorry and thanks! Appreciate the quick response! :)
    9. jsuh
    10. lindsaj
      I unplugged my usb cable before ejecting my droid on my desktop, and now it's doing all sorts of bizarre non-functioning things. I clearly did some damage.
      I'm not technologically savvy- I saw in a post that you did the same thing and you "reformatted" your sd card. What is that, and how do you do it?
      Thanks in advance-
    11. stevewithavision
      My droid will not turn on. worked fine last night. Sometime during the night while it was charging, the screen went bright (it woke me up) then it went off. I tried to turn it on this am and nothing. I pulled the battery out too and still nothing.
    12. jpgriff
      do you know how to get rid of pictures in my drop box on my droid
    13. chkmate
      Hey man I wanted to apologize for a you tube video I posted last night in the "will you switch to the dreaded?" thread. It didn't even cross my mind last night when I did it but I can guarantee it will not happen again.

      I don't know who pulled the video but I would like to share my concern with them also. It was never my intention to do what I did on purpose.

      Thank you:)
    14. rdhand
      I am a penn state grad and am trying to resolve a problem with my incredible. My voice call and bluetooth call recognition is off more than 75% of the time. For example when I say call "home" it says call "Aunt Eileen". Can you help. I think droid forum is a scam because I get no response to questions and it is constantly telling me I can not post threads (questions) even though I went through the redicuously long registration process. Please help a follow Nittany Lion

      Bob Hand PSU"82"
    15. MM1 Payne (US Navy)
      MM1 Payne (US Navy)
      Happy Easter Mate. Jeeze, I havent been on this forum in a while. Anything new? Well, besides the Blackdroid Rom. I tried it out and it Kicks Alpha. Sierra. Sierra.
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