Please help, reaching the end of my rope

Discussion in 'Motorola Milestone' started by crkhobbit, Jul 5, 2011.

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    Hi all,

    I've been scouring the internet for a week or two looking for an answer to my problem, but no one else seems to have it.

    I have a XT720 Milestone with the UK stock rom installed, rooted. I had installed Froyo, which ran great for a couple days until it went into a boot loop. After the boot loop, I installed the UK stock rom because everyone said it was the same as the Cincinnati Bell one.

    The problem I am now having, and cannot seem to get rid of, is random reboots where the phone seems to think the battery is dead when it is not. This always happens during use. For example, charge will be at 70%, I'll load a game/google maps/whatever, and after a minute or so, the connect your charger warning will pop up, the battery charge indicator will show that its completely drained, then the phone will reboot. Often it will only try to reboot but get stuck at the logo. When it does that, I have to pull the battery for a few minutes before trying to boot it back up again. When it finally boots up, battery charge will still show 70%.

    I have calibrated the battery since changing to the stock rom. It was difficult getting through a full battery without at least one reboot.

    Today, I had a similar experience, except it told me my phone was too hot and it went into airplane mode before rebooting and telling me my battery was dead. Again I pulled the battery for a few minutes and it booted back up to 60% or so charge.

    Any thoughts?

    Thanks in advance! I'm about ready to spike this thing into the ground.