picked up a droid 1 for 3 bux at a yard sale....think it has a bad screen

Discussion in 'Droid Stock Help' started by themadness, Jun 30, 2012.

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    new here and my first post

    here's the skinny to get to the point. i picked a droid one at a yard sale for 3 bux. still has the box but no book(who cares). the guy said he dropped it and now the screen doesnt work. the keyboard does work and the battery is good. i have done hard reset to no avail. when it boots up it goes to a start up screen where you can select a language or do an emergency call. i assume this is standard set up beginner screen since it has been factory reset. there are zero cracks in the screen and no rattles in the phone.

    what are the odds it is a soft ware issue? i didnt ask but he may have tried to root or something.

    the screen menu buttons are unresponsive as well

    if it is the screen how much would it be to replace it or have someone replace it?

    would it be possible to root it and hope like jeebus it fixes the screen?

    could i flip it on craigslist and make a few bucks since i'm only in for 3 dollars?

    i really only picked up because it was cheap with the hopes of using as a small multimedia "tablet" in the car or where ever.

    any info and help would be great