Help with broken screen... i think?

Discussion in 'Droid Stock Help' started by jim2244, Jan 23, 2012.

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    So this happened months ago and i upgraded to the droid x2 but a friend had broken her phone n she cant get a phone so i want to replace the screen but i want to make sure it is...

    So i had dropped the phone onto the tile at a restaurant and the screen went black... i shut it off, go into recovery.... blah blah i tried everything so all that doesnt happen is that it doesnt have any display.. it will light up.. but always be black... if i turn it on and let it sit for a bit... it responds to touch as if i touched the spot where the unlock button would be it has haptic feedback and what not... anyone know what i should buy a replacement for? the lcd screen (expensive) or is it like a chip or something might have busted and the graphics is ... corrupt or something silly lol
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