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    hey guys, so this started yesterday around 10am. my phone started syncing and wouldn't stop til about 11am today (so i've noticed.) during this time, i was barely able to text, all apps would need to be "forced closed" and the phone lagged on everything. it was basically useless.

    the only idea i have that might of caused this is i have uploaded thousands of songs to my new google music account. those songs have all been available on my phone instantly. i've done that for a few weeks now and i never noticed any problems.

    i've had times where syncing would take an hour tops and my phone would run as crappy as it's been BUT not a whole day! this also caused my battery to die a few times, needing to be fully charged and would even charge noticeably slower than normal. plus it would get very hot.

    any ideas on the problem? it's been running fine the last hour but i'm not sure what will happen next. i'm surprised i've been able to even type this!

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