Overclock Supercharge V6 & Benchmark questions

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    I just recently purchased rummy's overclock app and it was working awesome. But then I noticed that when I would test it on the Benchmark there are lots of people who have a DROID X overclocked lower then me achieving scores faster than my DROID. Is there any specific reason for that?
    So since my battery wasn't getting to hot I kept pushing and supercharged and the supercharge didn't make my benchmark act any faster or I can't tell any difference. Then I decided to go up to the 1400 overclock since in the screenshot of the app it is showing that number anyways so I tought it wouldn't be a problem since 1350 wasn't getting too hot. however idk if it was bc of the supercharge with the overclock or what was it but when I switched to 1400 the program forced to close. I started again and put on 1350 and still forcing to close. Now im trying 1200 and still gets me problems. The worst is not that. Any charge I put , even 1000 my watchdog is saying that the overclock app is using too much cpu and keep giving my warning of 40% of CPU usage for long periods of time. Why would that be? And why before even on 1350 it wouldn't use so much CPU? now that I went to 1400 and back to 1200 is using so much? Its weird, did anyone had any similar experience?

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