OnePlus Responds To Tech Reviewers and Includes RAM Management Fix In OTA Update!

Discussion in 'Android News' started by DroidModderX, Jun 24, 2016.

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    The OnePlus 3 is a fully capable device. In many ways it is better than even the most expensive flagships. It does things like Fast charge your device while you are using it, and is one of the most developer friendly devices around, not to mention it has top of the line specs for less than $400. At release there was one thing that the OnePlus 3 struggled with. In several speed test videos it failed to adequately multitask. That is many of the apps had to open from scratch after being opened and closed. A phone with "Good multitasking" keeps all apps open in the background where they are easy to access later.

    OnePlus admitted that they had set the phone to not take full advantage of the 6GB of Ram intentionally. They decided to limit the number of apps that are able to run in the background in order to save battery life. The settings apparently worked out well when it comes to battery savings as many users are getting upwards of 6 hours of screen on time with the included 3000mah battery. It was discovered that you can modify your own build.prop to take off the governor so to speak. With the change of one number in the build.prop code you can open up the full capabilities of the phone.

    OnePlus hates negative feedback, and it seemed that their decision to cripple the available RAM in order to save battery was getting some unnecessary negative press. OnePlus decided to increase the limit of background processes from 20 to 32 in the latest update. Which is rolling out now.

    This isn't the first time that a Tech Youtuber influenced the decisions of a major cell phone OEM. UnboxTherapy uploaded a video of him easily bending the iPhone 6 Plus. Apple responded by making the iPhone 6s Plus thicker and heavier duty. Carl Pei the CoFounder of OnePlus Pays careful attention to what is being said about his Flagship phone and has responded to what he sees as being "what the customer wants" in quick fashion. Do you think it is wise of the Tech Community to point out flaws in phones? Are you glad we live in a day where the every day tech consumer's voice can be heard through social media?
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    i think it's imperative for companies to listen and respond to customers if they want to stay in business. in this day and age, nothing is irreplaceable and competition will trample right over you, just look at htc or blackberry.
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