OnePlus 3 Will Get a Fix to Improve RAM Management & Display

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    The two main complaints to the new OnePlus 3 "flagship killer" is that it has poor color performance on the display, and that it is slower than the competition despite having 6GB of RAM. The later is because of weak RAM management, and the former can also be attributed to the need for optimizations.

    Luckily, OnePlus is a company that strives to make customers happy, and they have heard the pleas of their fans. The company shared that they are working on an update that will improve both the memory management of the device and fix the color accuracy of its display.

    The only bad news is that it might take a while as the company needs to do some extensive testing to make sure they don't break anything. At least they listen and are working hard to make improvements.

    Source: AndroidAuthority

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