Fixing Ram Management On The OnePlus 3!

Discussion in 'Android News' started by DroidModderX, Jun 18, 2016.

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    You have probably heard reports that the OnePlus 3 is having a difficult time with RAM management. This surfaced when Ash from C4Etech uploaded a speed test pitting the Galaxy S7 against the OnePlus 3 in a Speed Test. The speed test consists of opening 20 or so apps, closing and then reopening the apps. A phone with "Good" Ram Management should be able to keep apps open in the background for quick access later.

    While the OnePlus 3 has plenty of memory, a whopping and unnecessary 6GB, it still was not able to keep even as many apps open in the background as the Galaxy s7 which only has 4GB of RAM. As it turns out this is not a bug, and won't be "fixed" by OnePlus. The phone has an Aggressive RAM management policy by design. This was done to save battery life, and it seems to actually serve its purpose as many users are reporting upwards of 6+ hours of Screen On Time with the 3,000mah battery.

    If speed and multitasking is more important to you than battery life there is a line of code that can be changed in the Build.prop which allows the OnePlus 3 to keep more apps open in the background. If you make this mod your multitasking capabilities will likely improve, but the trade off could be more trips to the power outlet for charging. Luckily the Dash-Charge will get you recharged in a Jiff!

    via XDA
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    THIS is just another example of why Android rocks over iOS and all other platforms. Not only does the manufacturer have the ability to customize the OS to meet their own objectives, be it better battery life, better multitasking, better memory management to have faster performance by keeping apps open in the background, etc., but the consumers can re-tweak the OS and get more mpg if they want. Try that with an iPhone. Yeah, right.

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