One Click Root, Recovery, and Rom Install For GPE Moto G!

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    Earlier this morning i stumbled on what has to be the easiest way to install a rom ever. I can remember back in the day Rom Manager allowed you to easily install a recovery to your device and for a small fee would actually flash roms to your device. These days installing a rom is a several step process. You generally need to figure out how to unlock your bootloader. Once that is achieved you have to find the proper version of your favorite custom recovery and flash that. You then need to download and install your intended rom.

    Developer "ronin790" has created an all in one tool that will do all of the above with a click of a button! This tool was created for personal use, but has been released to the masses as an easy way for custom rom users to update to the latest version of Android 5.1 for the GPE Moto G. This can do more than just install roms. It will also root your phone, install a custom recovery, and you can even change your bootlogo. There is an easy adb setup that comes with this as well. Head to the link below for the download and full guide.

    via XDA
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