On The Go Mode In NameLess Rom Allows You To Walk And Text..... Safer

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    We have all done it at some point in time. Teens are notorious for it, and it isn't the safest of habits to form. Walking while texting can help you be more productive, but not if you kill yourself in the process. Its easy enough to become overly engaged in what you are doing and forget about your surroundings while staring at your phone. Walking is also something that takes very little mind power. It is almost as automatic as breathing. When you add these things together you can easily run into others around you, run into solid objects (ie walls, store displays, door frames), or even worse directly into traffic! Nameless rom has developed "On The Go Mode". This mode aims to keep you as safe as possible should you attempt to walk and text. It uses transparency and your camera to keep you aware of your surroundings. The video above shows you how it works. Grab this rom from the link below.

    Via NamelessRom
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