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    Do you find yourself bumping into thing while trying to finish that last reply, or worst falling into a fountain while texting at the mall? Well this application tries to sold that ever so common issue for the text longing Android community. The application is available in the Market for $1.92 and works on any device running Android 1.5 and above. It requires a back camera to work, which is a given, and surprisingly supports flashlight for walking at night. The application comes with conversation view, which is all find and dandy, but it takes next to light years every time for the conversations to load --maybe its because I have 200 messages. The conversation view takes you away from the camera view, but you can switch back and forth as needed --would be nice to have a camera view while in conversation mode though. For those that would rather use their own keyboard, the application supports keyboard switching in portrait mode, so that feature can be crossed of on your check list.

    After testing here is my overview of the application.

    Overall Rating: 7/10

    • Simple, Fast, quick
    • Support for Flashlight
    • Integrated transparent Keyboard
    • Versatility with Android versions
    • Support for any keyboard in portrait mode
    • No contact suggestion
    • No popup quick reply (notify only)
    • Battery life anyone?
    • Conversation view takes too long
    Would I recommend this?
    Yes, if you are in need of something in this category of application. Otherwise, this is not for the typical texters that carries multiple conversations.

    There are many applications in the market for texting, but very few promise to give you this many features for texting while keeping track of your environment. After testing this application, I still cannnot see myself using it as my main texting application, but there are many others that need a way to text and walk at the same time and this is for those users.

    Available: Android Market
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