Winners Announced: Text and Walk

Discussion in 'Android News' started by WenWM, May 8, 2011.

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    Another day, another contest ended. At this rate we might be able to giveaway the whole Android market by the end of the summer, okay we are just kidding. The winners of this app hopefully enjoy it, and don't get hurt while texting and walking, or may I dare say it, texting and DRIVING.

    Winners, please PM me with your paypal address for your refund after you buy the app.

    Thanks for playing

    Glad that very important text got sent ;)

    Well good luck buddy, I don't know how much this app will help, but I wave my hat to you for even trying.

    That's a lot of walking, Enjoy.
    Hahahaha. Well buddy, if you can manage to get your phone out your pocket without getting in trouble... you're one step ahead of me.

    Please do PM me with the result of this "experiment," while I don't recommend it... I do think it would be pretty darn funny.

    Thanks for playing again guys, keep looking out for more giveaways.


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