Odd Razr WIFI issues. Please Help.

Discussion in 'Droid RAZR Support' started by nesstlequick, Jan 6, 2012.

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    Greetings Android users,

    I have owned my new Razr for 2 days and I love it for the most part. I owned the droid1 and X1 previously as well as Galaxy10.1 and have never had any issues at all with setting up WIFI and connecting to my home router which is a NETgear 2.4g."WPA/WPA2 PSK.

    My Razr will connect to the router but it will not show any signal on the notification bar EVER . However, when I go to settings and look it shows under my list of possible signals it shows the signal strenth to be connected and full/blue "Excellent"

    After 60+ seconds it will completely disconnect itself from the router and the WIFI emblem on my notifications bar will dissappear. The wifi toggle will still be on, but it is not connected to my router . It just goes back to 3g. "No 4g in my area yet"

    I assumed that it might be a setting but I cannot figure out what. All my other devices are connected just dandy.

    I do have a password , it is correct. My good friend works at Verizon and I would ask him for help but he is DIE HARD Iphone lover and I just cant bring myself to admit I am having a problem with my Droid.

    Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thank you very much Android Community.