Notifications for sms and missed calls not showing in status bar

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    I've only had my phone about two weeks, but I can't seem to get my notification settings adjusted to my liking. (I just upgraded from s5 to s7)

    At first I was getting double message notifications (and pop-ups) from both the Samsung message app and the Verizon message+ app. I dug through the notification settings and advanced settings and turned off the pop-up option for both and all notifications from the Samsung message app. I assumed I would then only receive notifications from message+, but now I only see messages (and missed calls) on the Always On screen but not in my status bar when I unlock. It still vibrates when I have a message, but it never puts a notification in the status bar and won't show on the lock screen. I can't seem to find any other settings to fix this problem. And I don't really want to reset everything and start over with my settings.
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