Note Everything Pro - Outstanding app so I wanted to give it some attention

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    Just wanted to give some promotion to the great application and list some key features for those that have not tried it out. I used to use an app only made for Blackberries that allowed folders with subfolders, nice search engine and reminders. This does that and more.

    Types of notes:
    -Paint (turns droid into a drawing board for quick sketches or outlines and you also can add notes to it)
    -Voice notes
    -Photo notes - Opens camera so you can take a shot and then leave notes.
    -Convert to checklists (very nice feature for shopping. Just list some items and convert to check list. Then when checked, they move to the bottom of the list)
    -Durable checklists - For ongoing type lists that are reused
    -Gallery notes - select a picture from the gallery and leave notes with it.
    -Barcode - Scan and leave notes.
    -Note from Google docs.

    Key features:

    Folders with unlimited subfolders ( make a "work" folder and can have different projects with even more subfolders for each) nice way to organize things and the only one I have found that has this option.

    Great key word search engine. Not just title, but words within the body of your notes.

    Reminders - Alarms etc.

    Send to calendar, email etc..

    You can also send an email from K-9 to Notes to keep.

    I am sure I am missing several things, but you get the picture...

    I am in know way associated with the developers, but this application just reminded me of one I missed from my BB days. They make keeping track of things so handy and it is just well done. They are always adding new features and listen to your suggestions. I sent one this morning at 1:30am and had a reply email back within 10 minutes. They said they added my suggestions to their todo list, but also took the time to talk about my second suggestion and how it is in the works.

    Anyone looking for a way to track many different things needs to check out this app. Make sure you go through the settings and turn on subfolders etc.

    Really nice!!!
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