Note 2 Camera Not Working

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    Searching the internet it appears that numerous people have had problems with the Note 2 camera. My specific problem is that I can not longer activate the camera. When I select the camera icon, the I get the perimeter of the camera screen with all the camera buttons on the left and right sides of the screen. But in the center of the screen is a popup box that says: "Warning - Unknown error occurred."

    The gallery still works, the front camera still works, but the camera on the back, which is the one I always use, gives this message.
    I tried: powering off the phone, removing the SD and the sim cards, and removing the battery. I have tried accessing the camera from the gallery. And I cleared the cache on the camera. None of these things helped.

    I am not a very tech savvy user so I am hesitant to start removing caches (some suggested clearing cache and even the data in storage media and gallery), and I really begin to sweat when anyone suggests that I do a "factory data reset".

    Based on my description, is it more likely that this is a hardware or software problem? Is there anything else I should try before I begin dumping cache, data, or a factory reset. Any particular order I should proceed with these options?

    Would appreciate any and all help. My camera is the most important app on my phone and I use it constantly. I hate being without it!
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