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    Since Friday, nothing is syncing on my phone, not gmail, contacts, calendar, picassa, twitter or facebook. I started using the wired tether app on Friday morning because AT&T decided to shut our DSL off, so I'm wondering if that somehow messed up my sync? I don't think it should though. I double-checked and I do have auto-sync and background sync enabled, and I do have sync enable for each of those accounts.

    Does anybody have any suggestions? Hoping to avoid a factory reset if possible.


    edit: figured out what was going on. My phone was complaining about running low on internal storage, but I figured it wasn't that big of a deal, and I'd move some things around when I had a chance. Well, I started moving some games and recipe apps to SD, and everything started syncing again, so apparently if you're too low on internal storage, you can't sync. When your droid tells you it's low on internal storage, it's serious!
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