Ninjamorph a Widget's icon? Yes!

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    Alrighty so I use a task killer on my phone (yeah yeah I don't need it but I'm addicted to pressing the widget okay!?).

    I have the task killer widget on my home screen and it's such an eyesore compared to the rest of my nice neat minimalistic look. So I get the bright idea to use ninjamorph to edit the widget's icon.

    Long story short, I succeeded. I made the widget transparent. Only catch is when I restart my phone for whatever reason my progress is lost. The program is usually completely deleted from my system and thus my widget is gone and I have to start from scratch.

    My question: how can I prevent this? When I edit the images of any app I've downloaded this happens. There must be a say of preventing the app(s) from uninstalling themselves upon reboot and still retaining my changes to their files.


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