New TouchWiz Launcher Takes Advantage Of Vulkan API

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    During the Galaxy S7 Unpacked event Samsung announced the Galaxy S7 would have support for Vulkan baked in, much to the delight of gamers in the crowd! The Vulkan API adds notable performance increases, but it has other benefits which Samsung intends on leveraging.

    If Samsung is to beat Apple in the random youtube speedtest they are going to have to find a way to speed up the touchwiz launcher. Samsung is currently developing a Touchwiz launcher built with Vulkan. The Vulkan launcher not only improves performance, but apparently gives the phone a battery life boost!

    Apparently the early version of this launcher saves 6% battery life when doing normal tasks like scrolling pages, and opening the app drawer. According to Samsung's engineers this could ultimately mean an extra 40 minutes of battery life on a phone like the Galaxy S7 Edge. As mentioned above this is still in the very early stages of development. Maybe it will be ready to use by the time the Note 6 is released!

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    Please help me out here. Samsung is working on reducing the lag created by adding the launcher by making the problem a more efficient problem?
    All I can think here is the old saying "the best way to put out a fire is prevent it from starting".
    Or do I just need another cup of coffee?

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