Samsung Brings Icon Masking To The Galaxy S7 For Uniformity!

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    Check it out Samsung is taking another que from the Android development community! We have all known about icon masking for some time now. Icon masking is what theme developers use to give all the app icons on your phone a uniform look. Their icons pack may have 500 hand themed icons, but with icon masking they can wrap any and all icons on your phone with theming whether or not they have taken the time to theme a specific app icon.

    Samsung has made some changes to the look and feel of touchwiz. One of the main changes is to the app icons. They have rounded off all of the Samsung app icons giving them a whole new look they call "squircle"! They have added icon masking to so that the all non samsung apps keep with the theme. Apparently the Galaxy S7 won't have icon masking enabled by default, but if it is a feature you like you will have the option to turn it on in settings.

    via Samsung

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