New Root User: Can't Install Gapps for CM7

Discussion in 'Droid Pro Development' started by bms259, Oct 18, 2011.

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    I have spent the better part of today trying to "correct" some of the UI changes from the new Gingerbread update. I'm currently stuck, and need some major help. Here's where I am:

    I have rooted, gotten CWM running, flashed CM7. When I tried to install Gapps the first time through, CMW got hung up for quite a while, and was unresponsive, so I pulled the battery. When I reloaded the battery, I got the boot screen loop of CM7. I eventually got to some kind of recovery screen (I don't think it was CWM), and did a reset. When I turned it back on, it loaded w/CM, but without Gapps. I've since tried to load Gapps thru CWM, but it keeps freezing. I can take the battery out and it will load CM fine.

    The Gapps file I am trying to load is named:

    CMW says:

    -- Installing:
    Finding update package...
    Installing update...

    And it's stuck there...
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