Gapps market install interrupted by Google Backup

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    Greetings. I am not a pro at this, but I maintain a respectable amount of savvy.

    Successfully flashed my Pro and am running the latest build of CyanogenMod7. Flashed Gapps from here. Have followed these steps several times:

    >Booted into Clockwork recovery, wiped system, data & cache, re-flashed CM7 and Gapps. On subsequent attempts, only wiped cache & data and re-flashed Gapps.
    >Touched the android in an inappropriate area.
    ->Skipped initial invitation to sign in to Google, per the lack of a slide-out keyboard.
    -->Declined generous invitation to have my whereabouts broadcast to unknown persons.
    >Set up wi-fi.
    >Settings->Accounts & Sync->Added my Google account.
    ->Folded origami crane while Google connected to itself.
    -->Dialog appeared, entitled 'IMPORTANT: Read This!'.
    ***On first run-through, I hit CANCEL and couldn't get the program to show at my definition of a later time, although I admit the instructions weren't specific and I was not allowed to ask for clarification.***

    --->Clicked 'Ok'.
    ---->Agreed to abide by 3 ToS's at once.
    =>Began downloading whatever strikes my fancy, noting it takes a really long time for downloads to initialize.
    =->Google then chose to interrupt my joyous pirate experience by informing me about something I don't care about, and promps me to 'Finish Setup'. Clicked where indicated.
    =-->Stared at home screen. Resisted urge to scream. Trawled internet, turning up several conflicting forum posts, confusing reference to Pac-Man, now have gapps-gb-20110828-signed (1), (2), and (3).zip.

    Please advise.

    Appreciation in advance. ~Fake

    Edit: Also does anyone know of a reference on which of the 300+ google apps are worth having?
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