Calendar issues? CM or Gapps?

Discussion in 'Cyanogenmod - X' started by baboon619, Dec 7, 2012.

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    I'm running the CM4DX 20120519 with gapps 20110828. It's taken a long time for me to notice this one...

    1st - noticed when my wife sent me a calendar event via text message that showed up as a slideshow.
    2nd - when the even was sent via email my only option was to open the attached file in a db editor. Which i tried and couldn't do anything with it but edit the text.
    3rd - noticed there is no "phone calendar" like on stock.
    4th - when in calendar there is no option available to "share" a calendar event.
    5th - my calendar version is 2.3.7 and my wife's is 2.3.4

    Is this functionality loss due to CM or gapps? I'm guessing its gapps but that's just guessing. I would like to gain this back if anyone has an answer. Can I install another gapps?