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    I am new to this forum and stumbled on it looking for a solution to a problem I seem to have with my 2 month old Driod.

    Although I have searched the web, I cannot find a satisfactory answer or solution to my problem. I cannot get my Driod to notify me when I receive mail in my GMAIL account. I installed the app GMAIL NOTIFIER and the test from notifier works fine, but actual mails sent to my account go unnoticed until I manually check the account. I also have a FaceBook account that does work correctly.
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    :welcome: to the Droid Forum. I'm going to help as best as I can.

    There shouldn't be a need to instal a gmail notifier. I'm going to give you a set of directions to follow. This is the easiest and best directions you'll find anywhere:

    Hope this helps you.
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    Thank you for the information, but the issue was not with other POP accounts, it is with my GMAIL account. However, I just created a new GMAIL account and it does notify me when I send a message to it. So, now I have to figure out the difference between the two accounts.