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    OK so I got my DROID RAZR MAXX about a week ago and have installed a ton of stuff onto it already and an enjoying it.

    I bought the navigation dock with the included charger and tested it out this morning. Google Navigation worked good and I've also uploaded my collection of CDs to the Google Play store. What I couldn't seem to figure out, is how to switch tasks. While navigating, I would press the BACK button on my phone, and I got a warning message saying this action would end my navigation. I was attempting to go back to my music player and change the song.

    When I arrived at my destination, I ended the navigation, went back to the Music player and it directed me to the home music screen. That is, showed me my collection and didn't automatically take me to the player where the current song was playing. I had to "Re-shuffle" to get a new song and to view the player again. That is, unless I'm missing something.

    Two questions:
    1. Is there a task switcher that works with the DROID RAZR MAXX, allowing me to switch from Navigation to Music Player, without ending my navigation?
    2. How do I get back to the current song being played in the music player?
    Edit: I answered both of my questions actually. If you hold down the Home button for a few seconds, you see the task switcher. Unfortunately while driving, this is not an acceptable solution. I'm going to look around for a "hands-free" solution. Post a reply if you know of one.
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