My Issues - Need to Know if I Have a Defective Device

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    1. Does everyones Bionic go to a black screen if you unlock the phone right after start up and not let it load fully. i was just wodering b/c i know you could unlock the droid and there was a little lag but nothing like going to a black screen.
    i can still pull down the notification bar.

    2. While listening to netfilx through the external speaker there is a ticking noise int he back round and this only happens with netfilx does not happen with music.

    And one more question should i be hearing music and the audio from video through both speakers on the back or is one strickly for calls over speaker phone?

    so if anyone else is having these issues let me know if you have found a fix or do i have a defective device.

    Thanks in Advance for any help you can offer.

    Edit: also i am have an issue with selecting the box for entering text in a post on DF site from my Bionic it will not pull the keyboard up and let me start typing.
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