Motorola April Fools Bootanimation Is Available For Download!

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    One of the main reasons I began to start rooting my phones way back in the day was so that I'd be able to change my boot animation. I can remember showing off a Call Of Duty theme complete with a Call Of Duty Boot animation to some of my friends who were still rocking a flip phone! If you are rocking the Moto X Pure and are in need of a custom boot animation look no further developer "JohnMCW" has got you covered.

    John has uploaded the Motorola boot animation from April Fools day featuring the Yeti. You just need to download the file, head to system/media/ and rename the to bootanimation.bat for safe keeping. Next copy over the yeti You need to be sure to rename your new bootanimation to Then simply reboot your device to see your new boot animation!

    via XDA
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