more contact issues for a noob

Discussion in 'HTC Droid Eris' started by Mr. No Prints, Sep 12, 2010.

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    New droid owner and having a couple of issues, if anyone can help please reply

    Basicly heres the just of my issue - My number is blocked or restricted (and that may be the problem) all of my contacts sync'd with Google easy enough, however on my phone this is how it displays

    John Dow
    *826267774849 assume thats the cell
    3105559999 fax number
    *823104444646 house number
    6267774849 I list this as pager number (notice same number as 1st cell phone) for texting

    thats all fine but when you scroll down for SMS's every single number appears for me to be able to text to when all I want shown under messages is the pager number. Makes it hard to fast texting. When I go to edit it just shows what I have typed in and doesn't allow for a single SMS number that I select from what i've been able to see. just looking for more contact control maybe or...

    Question # 2

    Is there a way to stop the sms/email display from appearing on your phone and lock screen (refering to the 4 words that show just notify who and the just of the text.

    Any help would be great.