Who's Texting - How to tell when Contacts have more than 1 number?

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    So, I have several contacts with 2 or 3 cell phone numbers in them. For example, I'll have one that says "Tom & Amy Smith" and have one number under there labeled "Amy's Cell" and the other labeled "Tom's Cell." When these folks call, that label ("Amy's Cell") shows on the screen. But when they text, it shows up as "Tom & Amy Smith" 212-555-1212. Since I don't have the numbers memorized, I'm not sure if that text is from Amy or Tom.

    Is there a way that the text/sms app can show the label ("Amy's Cell")?

    (Oh, and I don't care which text app I use [default, handcent, gosms, chomp], as long as I can get this to show labels).
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