MOD Google Camera With Burst Mode, 240fps slow mo, VIDEO EIS for Nexus 5X

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    The Nexus 5X has to be one of the best budget phones of the year. It is just really hard to beat stock Android. The only thing you may find lacking if coming from a skinned version of Android is the lack of features in the stock Google camera. The Google Camera is pretty simple but gets the job done when it comes to snapping a quick picture. If you prefer a feature rich experience you may want to pick up a 3rd party camera app. Otherwise you can add a handful of useful features to the stock camera with this modified camera app.

    The modified camera app includes a burst mode which allows you to hold the shutter button to take several pictures at once. This is great for taking action shots as you can pick up a high quality shot during motion. There is also a 240fps slow motion mode, and if you are rooted you can enable the Electronic Image Stabilization mode. To turn on EIS you need to edit your build.prop using a root file manager. Head to the link below for downloads and instructions.

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