Mobile App User What Is Your Biggest Grip With Getting Help/Support From The Dev?

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    As A Mobile App User What Is Your Biggest Gripe With Getting Help/Support From The Developer?

    Have you had any support issues with your mobile app? If you have, then I really want your feedback.

    I'm building a free technical/customer support community for mobile app users, and I'd like your thoughts on what could be better about the support you got from your app's developer. So, what could be done better to make your next experience less painful?

    I'm making a list of the most important features/services to mobile app users when they need help on app issues. A few of the features I'm thinking about is the ability to ask other expert users how they solved a problem, help developers prioritize the most pressing bugs and feature you requests. Your thoughts on this would be very helpful.

    If you would prefer to email instead of posting your thoughts publicly you can at: apphelpfeedback at gmail dot com.

    Thanks for your help,
    Ash Conway
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