Market Sync Issues with MIUI 12.3

Discussion in 'Team D1-MIUI' started by Caesarg, Dec 19, 2010.

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    Anyone else having market sync issues? I can open the market ok but when I hit downloads, it comes up with a dialog box that says "a server error has occurred." I am currently running 12.3. I have tried clearing data, force stop, and fixing permissions but no dice. It will not show any downloads or even allow me into them. The dialog box gives me an option of canceling back to the market home screen or retrying. I have hit the retry key numerous times but nothing. Prior to today I have never had any market problems.

    I was going to try loading 12.11 to see if the market works all right with it but thought I would ask first to see if anyone else is having issues.

    Thanks in advance
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